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One wife, six kids,
120 Cardiac Patients per day.

Since 2007, Syntermed Live has been revolutionizing remote reading and reporting of nuclear cardiology studies. Now Syntermed Live is in the cloud, yet even more secure. Today, thousands of studies are read and/or reported each week with this HIPAA-compliant platform providing Nuclear Medicine Physicians, CNMTs, and Cardiologists with anytime/anywhere acess.

The leading remote cloud reading and reporting solution.



Phil Hemstreet, M.D. maintains a thriving nuclear practice and a happy family with the use of Syntermed Live. "Anything I can do to improve my workload and spend more time with my family makes me happy. Syntermed Live has done an excellent job of giving me back some of my time. When I look back 25 years from now, I'll be very appreciative of that."

Ultimate productivity
for the reading physician.

This is not just PACS pushing pictures over the web. Syntermed Live is an interactive, full-functioning remote reading system. It’s the optimal synergy of on-premise and web-based apps. No clunky LAN or remote login VPN required. Just ordinary high-speed Internet.

Syntermed Live is easy to integrate into your existing lab structure. Simple to use, remote access is available 24/7, anywhere, from any system. Securely archive and retrieve your SPECT cardiac studies and PET brain scans. Syntermed Live gives the reading physician full functionality and improved workflow, all for one very small price tag.

Simple to integrate. Simple to access.

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